NoFace Rapper: "No Grammys" (SINGLE)

NoFace Rapper is an emcee from Virginia and he released his debut EP “Wintercoat” back in February. A fitting title, for we all need to stay warm when the pain comes in the winter (fitting since it's a brutal season?). Only four tracks deep NoFace showed lots of potential with his ability to string together his personal stories while calling the listener to action at the same time. That was the past though, now after performing at a number of shows and festivals, he’s back with his second EP entitled “Never Fear Rejection

The first single from this being “No Grammys” where NoFace makes the strong statement that trophies, grammys etc don’t make the artist, you must bring substance to the table as well. Check out the joint below and keep it locked here “Never Fear Rejection” comes out September 5th.