Sha Stimuli - Together (Official Music Video)

You may have seen Sha Stimuli's powerful new video, "ToGetHer". The thought-provoking song is now liberated for all to stream and download through all digital outlets. 
Starting in 2016, Sha had left a number of indications to let the fans know that he was once again making music. “Sticks and Stones”, “New Jordans/A Poem for Mike”, and a few features later, the comeback is now official. 
The message behind “Together” or “To Get Her” is best described through Sha’s own words:
“Without Her, life is a struggle, in order to get Her, I wonder if we need to truly come together. Or is it better for ethnicities, sexualities, and nationalities to continue to celebrate their pride and embark on separate paths? When love conquers all, anything can be accomplished. The police brutality, racial profiling, and targeted violence can be silenced if we see all humans as not just equals, but as ourselves.”