Damone Tyrell - 5ive Stories EP (Review)

I've been a regular viewer of Dead End Hip-Hop for a little over two years now. In that time, I've become familiar with just who the hell Damone Tyrell is. I reviewed his last album back in 2016 "Who the Hell is Damone Tyrell" on my YouTube Channel, and featured him on my #XtENsiON(EP) back in October of 2016. Now I'm here to write a review of his new five track EP "5ive Stories". You can view my YouTube video review at the bottom of this page.

On this EP, whether if it's on a track like Ground where Damone seems to feel like he and his are at the bottom, and promises to rise up from that level, 2nd Story which is an upgrade from the ground, 3rd Lvl where Damone speaks on rappers selling their soul cash, looking back on missed opportunities, sacrifices and frustrations, 4th floor where Tyrell doesn't want to get complacent and stay stuck on the same level to a point where it seems like he would even prefer downgrading,
or on Penthouse, a banger where he receives a wake up call and remembers that he or nobody starts off at the top, while also calling out rappers who pretend that they've always been at the level they are now, Damone Tyrell proves that my prediction on where he'd go next, and that my expectations of him are something to have faith in because on this EP Damone Tyrell showcases that he hasn't lost his hunger despite attaining good feedback, more attention and more success.

    Rhymes = 3.5/5

   Content = 3.5/5

   Beats = 3.5/5

   Overall = 3.5/5

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