Yung Simmie - Big Smokey [LP]

Yung Simmie is one of the more leveled spearheads of the South Florida movement. He sort of just keeps his eye on the cult-like following he has, while still capable of keeping his foot in more popular conversation. With his latest release, Big Smokey, he might have outdone himself in terms of embodying what it means to be Yung Simmie. It's a lofty, 16 track tape that still hits hard and maintains interest. The opening track, "Deep in the Game," sets the table for the project, really initiating the smoked out sound that is to come. Highlights include the mesmerizing cut "The Old Me," the cleverly worded "Seashells" featuring Lil Dred and Johnny Hopkins, as well as "Str8 From the Slums". Even naming highlights feels like it is cheating the tape. It doesn't fluctuate in quality at all. Simmie is definitely in full stride here, making the listener feel as if their sitting in the hazy, brown room he's painted to be in on the cover art.

Stream the project below.