Behind The Music #4 w/ Eu-IV: "Supernova"

One of my missions to close out the year and take as I continue my writing career, is doing more to get you all to listen to producers. They’re the backbone of hip-hop, without them emceeing would be boring. Any way part of this initiative is getting producers, beat makers, engineers and more to give their perspective in the creative process.

Baltimore producer EU-IV (pronounced you-four) released his full-length album “Supernova” last month. It’s his journey, roadblocks, heights and all. I feel like I should keep this short because EU-IV’s liner notes are just as such. Take a look and make sure you support “Supernova” HERE.

The Understanding

This one sets the tone for the entire project. In search of understanding... I think “Getting There” by Flylo inspired this one.

iknow feature Claire ReneƩ

Claire is a dope friend. She comepletely understood where I was coming from when I told her the idea.

The Message

Self explanatory I believe lol


Maybe I’ll be happy when it’s all said and done.

The Feelings

A flip of one of my favorite Mary cuts. Reminiscing over that old thing.

I can’t

Used my voice on this one. Just a song about my relations with women back then.

Gravity Moves

Hopefully this’ll make people move lol


This feels tribal to me. Traveling through my consciousness. Maybe connecting with my ancestors.


This is a lie that is always told when someone asks “are you okay?”


We think we’re the most important thing in the universe. I highly doubt it.


I built the entire project around this one. It sounds like the last moments of a star.


The descend into the darkness

The black hole

That darkness is a black hole.

The After Life

My depiction of what the after life sounds like. I’ve always wondered what awaits me after all this. The bonus cut concludes everything so go grab that tape.

This is my journey in figuring out self. Searching.