Futuristic - 'What More Could You Ask For?' (Album Review)

Emcee Futuristic, or Zach Beck, from Illinois and Arizona, couldn’t let the year slip by without a project so he’s released the What More Could You Ask For? EP. In safe independent fashion, Beck has added a few spiritual elements that go back to the essence of existence, particularly at the end, when he upholds life high above money and material gain in “Human Being.” Before that he shows love to those he’s been distanced from by work and success. Still he rejoices in making it, through struggle, to the celebration after reaching goals, and all the way to his appreciation for his fans. Beck does spend time strutting his stuff, and sections like “I Want It, I Get It” are simply fly jams just for fun, but little integrity is sacrificed in general. We might not be challenged to think outside the box or leave our comfort zones much, but again, Beck proves himself one of the best at making feel-good rap at this point in time. (3 out of 5 stars)