Josh Mulberry - Beautiful Chaos (Beat Tape Stream)

What Josh had to say about himself and this tape: 
I go by the name Josh Mulberry and I'm a producer and musician based out Lancaster, PA. I'm a soulful, 20 year old kid that has a tasteful ear for music and a heart for everything funk and hip hop. D'angelo, The Roots, J Dilla, and Madlib are some of my many influences in my music. I just want to bring back the Soul in hip hop and music all together. Everyone on this earth has a soul, but only a few have Soul. I am one of those few.

This beat tape that I am submitting is titled "Beautiful Chaos" for the simple fact that life is chaotic, yet very beautiful. My life is the true definition of a beautiful chaos. I made this beat tape during a period of disappointment, failure, and stress. It's full of lofi, jazzy boom bap type of beats and gives off dark, but relaxing vibes. You have to listen and experience it for yourself. I hope you enjoy.