Stallone & Weathers: "Olympics" (feat. Mosca Flux) [Music Video]

Listen I’m here for the heaters, the underground bangers guaranteed to break your back. Precyce Politix and K-Hill are a pair not to be messed with as Stallone & Weathers, with Politix on the rhymes and K-Hill on the beats, you’ll see the chemistry as soon as Precyce starts spitting. Today I have the music video for their joint “Olympics”, which features a hook from Mosca Flux.

K-Hill’s deep bass lines with hard hitting drums are the perfect soundscape for Precyce to just tear the beat to shreds. I’ll also mention they took a creative approach to the music video, this isn’t just some rap at the camera stuff, this is an actual music video that tells a story, I won’t spoil but take a watch and let me know what you think. “Olympics” comes off the self-titled EP from Stallone and Weathers which you can peep below.