LUCASV - Reach ft. BliBli & Zaire (Audio)

20-year-old French producer LUCASV releases new single "Reach", featuring BliBli and Zaire. Pairing tasteful electronic production with jazz scats, "Reach" is a serene offering of neo-soul, house-inspired, modern electronica, which boasts a smooth blend of minimal percussion, and old school sounds.

”Reach” began as an idea that stemmed from the creation of a Moog bass preset emulation in one of my computer music classes - says LUCASV

"I remember liking BliBli's jazzy and soulful tone after hearing her working with my housemate, and played her the track in loops for nearly an hour. She started improvising naturally from there, organically developing topline melodies over the instrumental."

Zaire enters at the end with a late night inspired rap, giving the song an edgy, urban finish -"no names, just souls".