MH the Verb - Sky Ain't Blue (Animated by Stephen Sues)

"What we wanted to do with this animation video was really capture the colors and do something different from just having an image as a backdrop for our live shows. While this animation video in particular wasn't used during our performance of 'Sky Ain't Blue' at this past summer's  A/V Project Festival in Brooklyn, it's a great example of some of the work that animator Stephen Sues does for our live shows. Buscrates sent me the original beat for this song during the recording process of my last album Balloon Guide. I recorded about four to five different versions of 'Sky Ain't Blue' over the past three years before I settled on the final product, which was inspired by Erykah Badu's Mama's Gun album. That particular album played at a summer BBQ with friends, which soon sparked an organic freestyle session. From there, I wanted to try capture the essence of that moment. An official video for 'Sky Ain't Blue' is coming soon."MH The Verb