Peso's Beatery - Robotics (Audio)

This beat brings together elements of the past such as hard-hitting boom bap inspired drums and old school video-game-esque synths to create an original fresh new vibe. The commanding bass kicks, retro sounding snare and sharp high-hats make this a percussion driven track to bob your head to, while the rumbling bassline and melodic highs create a dynamic range that provides depth and balances everything out nicely.
'I have a lot of beats I've been sitting on,' explains Producer C-Sol aka Peso Pesado. 'I've been taking my time, cleaning them up, mixing, mastering them, getting everything right.' Peso's Beatery is the production company through which he will be releasing his music as well as providing comprehensive publicity and promotion for the artists he works with. 

'I'm just going to keep posting new material every week and continue building my online presence,' said C-Sol aka Peso Pesado. 'I try to switch it up so I'm not posting the same style, the same sound over and over again. I try to avoid making anything that might sound trendy. I don't want to sound like anything that is out there already.' The beats that are posted to Peso's Beatery sites are all produced, mixed and mastered by C-Sol aka Peso Pesado. 

'The way I arrange my music, there are different vibes, different sequences within the track. I usually have about three main sequences to a track, that way the artist can pick which arrangement, which vibe or sequence works best for them to make it their own.' 

Peso's Beatery