Domo Genesis - Shaq Carried Kobe Ft. Phonte

Domo Genesis seems to have befriended the concept of consistency at an early age, because anything ranging from his high-profile releases to those you have to dig up with some extensive internet research reach the bar he has set for himself. Doms comes as cool as ever on the heavenly loop produced by the trusty vet, Evidence. The track comes from a quick, 8 track project- Aren't U Glad You're U- executively produced by Evidence. The artwork features very fitting Sesame Street like qualities, a baby blue hue to accommodate the pacific nature of Domo. All Domo praise aside, we get a guest spot from none other than the legend Phonte himself, who has been awfully quiet. The two demonstrate good chemistry, making the track something worth going back to.

The title is phrased in a way that eventually proves to be maybe more of an attention grabber, a point of controversy, as we learn Domo in fact disagrees with the theory. Listen for yourself below.