OK-THO PREMIERE: Sahtyre - "Sober Enough" (Music Video)

In a world of rapper clones and wave riders, Sahtyre is a true original. The L.A. based MC used to battle alongside the likes of Dumbfounded, was known for years as a cypher-killer on TeamBackPack and a host of other platforms, and has never lacked the kind of bar-heavy punch lines to make a rap-nerd's face fold-up like the President’s reputation abroad. But it’s not just a nasty pen that makes Sahtyre stand-out, layered songwriting and an intoxicating rock-star charisma like that on display on his latest single “Sober Enough” helps Sahtyre stand head and shoulders above most of his indie peers.

The latest track to receive the visual treatment from 2017’s fantastic and slept on Cassidy Howell, “Sober Enough” finds Saht riding another heady, bangin beat from frequent collaborator Chase Moore. That haunting vocal sample floats over Moore’s crisp snare hits so well, as an instrumental I wish “Sober Enough” ran for another dozen minutes. But as a tightly packaged, reflective, psychedelic musical experience, “Sober Enough” hits you like many of Sahtyre’s compositions do; with just enough seductive darkness to reel listeners into the short arrangement before Moore’s production wraps things up with a final guitar aided chorus, “Sober Enough” leaves listeners with the next sip on their mind.
On the visuals front, the Nick Rodriguez directed music video does a great job of capturing the dark atmosphere of the track. Each scene casts some light on the artist in a series of troubled moments, as Sahtyre loses control and chases numb relief, the direction and on-screen effects take viewers down into the darkness. With great on-screen charisma, Sahtyre sells each troubled scene, adding a layer of believability to a track already dripping with authentic pain. “Sober Enough” is far from lighthearted listening, but follow Sahtyre into that place of pain and coping and the track you’ll find behind the layers hazy intoxication is classic California hip-hop.

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