Apollo Bebop - Still Learnin (Album Stream)

Apollo Bebop is a West Coast band formed during the Summer of 2015 in Santa Ana, California. Named after the Greek God of music and the intricately harmonic style of Jazz, the group has aimed to revitalize the appreciation of Jazz music by incorporating it's musicality with classic, yet contemporary, Hip-Hop back beats. The quintet consists of drummer Donovan Cruz, bass and guitar roles alternating between Christopher Trimmer and Dom Cruz, DeAndre Grover on tenor sax, and Brian "Brian to Earth" Gomez as the Emcee.

Despite--or perhaps because of--the vast range of their influences (from John Coltrane to A Tribe Called Quest), Apollo Bebop is best described as a fusion between alternative Jazz and old-school Hip-Hop. Since their formation, the group has headlined numerous shows throughout LA and the OC, winning OC Weekly’s title for “Best New Band” in 2017.  They have garnered an impressive local following with powerful and energetic live performances.

Their debut studio album, Still Learnin’, released on February 9th, 2018 via all major music streaming outlets.  Still Learnin’ is a homage to the many challenges faced and the many lessons learned in the process of creating this ​​album, as well as a reminder to hold on to their roots and humility, because no matter where life takes them, there will always be room for growth.