POP Buchanan ft. ED-APE "CAN I LIVE" Official Video prod. by Nudgi Nudge

Everyone at one time or another has felt like the whole world is against them, no matter what road is chosen or traveled, they all seem to lead to one's demise.  For many, drugs and alcohol become reoccurring vices to cope with the pressure while simultaneously slowly sucking the life out of them.

At some point down The Boulevard of Pain and Broken Dreams, a blessed few have a spiritual awakening that births a new purpose of life. Brooklyn MC and former Jaz-O protege, POP Buchanan, has been lucky enough to experience such an awakening which he communicates in his new single/video "Can I Live" featuring Queen's spitter, ED-APE.

The vivid black and white visuals of "Can I Live" are shot and directed by Shotti while ED-APE and The Evil Element (Jennifer Ruff) handle the video's editing.  POP Buchanan and ED-APE gracefully trade uplifting bars over the hypnotizing soundscape provided by Nudgi-Nudge. When asked about "Can I Live", POP Buchanan stated, "This song is about surviving life's roller-coaster,  surviving the system, surviving your own demons and simply deciding to take full control of your life. No matter how bad it gets the answer is always life."

"Can I Live" is the title track of POP's new 10 track mixtape which can be streamed for FREE on Soundcloud while "Can I Live" the single is also available on iTunes and Spotify. 


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