SkyBlew - Destiny Plotting (Official Music Video)

Chapel Hill emcee SkyBlew, from Alabama originally, introduces his first new music release of 2018 with the single "Destiny Plotting" in its own video (now streaming on YouTube). The versatile wordsmith who embodies a slew of flavors from Christian and nerdcore to conscious and positive brings all those styles to the fresh February song, and he's linked with producer, rapper and singer Mag.Lo out of Deltona, Florida, who contributes chorus vocals plus the track's serene production vibes. "Destiny Plotting" features active intriguing wordplay from SkyBlew as usual but also topics of belief and faith, harmony and unity, and of course SkyBlew's famous optimism and recurring Destiny motif, all to scenes of anime, the city, nature, and people within nature. Recalibrate your soul in a very calm way with superstar artist SkyBlew and colleague Mag.Lo.  

(image from "Slice of Life" video, courtesy of Blue and Gold Studios, 2013,
Mag.Lo at WPRK Fox Fest 2017
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