SwampRecords - Porch Talk

Les, Mayhem, and Poo$ie, better known as SwampRecords, are all individual Hip-Hop artists based out of Oakland, California. The 3 emcees decided to come together in early 2018 to collaborate on a LP titled “S.N.I.C” an acronym for Swamp Niggas In Charge. With the word “Swamp” figuratively representing the ghettos from which these young men were born and crafted, the LP consists of 12 tracks that each speak heavily to those around the world with similar experiences as them.

 The full length project is on the way, but for now, the group lets go of their first single, “Porch Talk”. With extremely raw vocals and flow, the 3 rappers parlay over their latest Marco The Sensei produced cut. 

Listen below.