Watzreal - "Look Your Way" (Exclusive Stream)

Watzreal has been building a name for himself in the Bay Area for years, racking up several impressive independent hip-hop tours and working with some of the greatest California rappers of all time. Through all of that professional growth and community building, Watzreal hasn't ever been shy to continue evolving, exploring, and growing his music's sound. On his latest single "Look Your Way" ft. Cash Campaign, Watzreal rides a lush, organic, soulful beat that provides the perfect canvas for another leap in the Bay Area native's artistry.
As the song progresses, Watzreal flexes a velvety flow that's one of his grooviest to date, bouncing around the beat's soulful chords with an old-school sensibility that's helped grow his indie fanbase. The track's arrangement and production shine throughout consistently, with a beat-change that's as vintage as it is refreshing and a heartfelt chorus from Cash Campaign that helps solidify the retro appeal of "Look Your Way."

A perfect Valentine's day jam for every doting lover and soulful California hip-hop fan, "Look Your Way" is another step forward musically for one of the hardest working rappers in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a new album on the way and lots more soulful growth in his future, now's the time to follow Watzreal and tune in for more heartfelt vintage vibes.

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