Angelo Bombay - "Run Up Count Up"

Angelo Bombay, who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been consistently producing hard beats. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he has focused on music for his whole life. Bombay prides himself on his ability to dive into any genre while still keeping a specific focus on hip-hop, EDM, and R&B. Since 2016, Bombay has produced music for some of rap’s biggest rising names. His list of clients includes FREEWIFI, Nick Travae, Don Krez, Yung Simmie, Ashley All Day, Agoff, $teven Cannon, and many others. It’ll be no surprise to anybody when Bombay is one of music’s most renowned producers, considering his track record so far is phenomenal.

Bombay teamed up with FREEWIFI member Tha Rift, Lyric Marid, Lavish Mack, and Soda Supreme to create one of the best new songs of 2018. “Run Up Count Up” opens up to a fast yet mellow beat, and is sparked by a head-nodding chorus from Tha Rift. Lyric Marid then spits a hard verse, and it’s one to remember. The melodic but uptempo beat flows so smoothly and is paced perfectly with the remainder of the song, which includes some trap-like vocals from Lavish Mack. As the song approaches its final minute, Soda Supreme really sets everything on fire with his final verse. Winding down with one final chorus, “Run Up Count Up” is certainly one to be played on repeat.