FREEWIFI - "Took Off" (Audio)

FREEWIFI, a hip-hop collective from Minnesota, has been pushing out hits since their formation in 2016. Consisting of members J. Plaza, Daddy Dinero, and Tha Rift, the group was first created by producer Angelo Bombay when working on a single for Tha Rift. Now united, the group has been unstoppable and have opened up for Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Xan, and many others. In February of 2018 their first album, titled ‘Connected’, was released with Rostrum Records. Having garnered hundreds of thousands of views and plays throughout all of their creations, the release of single “Took Off” was no different than the others in the sense that it was quickly a successful hit.

“Took Off” opens up to a mysterious beat, one that really gets a dope vibe going. Daddy Dinero cuts in for the chorus to pick up the pace, a series of lines that jump-start the rest of the song. He then continues with a hot verse that features some insanely clever lyrics, following that verse with a second chorus. Tha Rift and J. Plaza then come in for dual verse, both spitting equally awesome bars. Dinero returns with some phenomenal vocals to end the 3-minute hit that has received thousands of views and recognition from rappers, radio stations, and fans alike. A very synthesized piece, “Took Off” is the perfect song for partying in the club, vibing in the car, or just chilling out.