Sherrod Myrion - Stay True (Audio)

Sherrod Myrion is a 22 year old hip hop artist from Valdosta, Ga. Wise beyond his years, Myrion started recording music at 15, originally to stay out of trouble, which was fairly easy to wander into in his westside neighborhood of Hightower. "Music was an escape for me that eventually turned into a passion overtime. Times are hard and I just feel music is the medicine that heals us all. If what I craft makes you feel the least bit enlightened/hopeful, my purpose is fulfilled." stated Sherrod when asked what inspired him to create. Influenced by the likes of artists such as Outkast, Goodie Mob, Erykah Badu, Gil Scott-Heron, Kanye and Amy Winehouse, this aspiring emcee plays close to his roots incorporating captivating lyrics with a southern bounce. With his debut project "Dayz of Nostalgia" in the works, Sherrod is evolving into a dynamic musician . . . one vibe at a time.  

 "Stay True", is the lead single from my upcoming EP "Dayz of Nostalgia" set to drop late this summer. Hope you enjoy the tunes! 

 - Sherrod Myrion