Crazy Double Premieres Summer Party Anthem “Pipa”

It’s only May and we already have the hottest new track of summer 2018. Crazy Double, made up of Vitaly and Olisa, are ready to take the music industry by storm with the release of their new single “Pipa”. This energetic song gives off an irresistible vibe that leaves its listeners tapping their feet and wanting more. This summer party anthem uses a perfect blend of catchy beats, upbeat tempo and a vibrant tune to make anyone get up and dance the night away. With influences such as Rihanna, Michael Jackson, and David Guetta to name a few, the two halves of Crazy Double come from very different backgrounds which together make an attractive sound. Vitaly is an academic of music who is a renowned accordionist that became a quick fan-favorite on Britain’s Got Talent last year for his comical charisma. Olisa on the other hand is known for his rendition of a Michael Jackson favorite that actually landed on the MJ official tribute album. Crazy Double has already given us the soundtrack of the summer, so keep an eye on what is next to come from the crazy duo by following their Instagram page.