R.A.D. & Frankie Bash - Bettiana [EP Review]

Minnesota’s R.A.D. continues to impress with the release of her 6 track EP, Bettiana. The up and comer is never shy to test her vocal abilities, always making making sure to experiment with melodies and aggressive verses, doing both so effectively. Frankie Bash handles the production on Bettiana, providing a high energy soundtrack for R.A.D. to snap on. Tracks like “Bugani” featuring Paqrat and “Sell Me a Dream” do some serious work. 

Only thing I passed was math, I’m a class act/cus I was selling gas out my backpack”, R.A.D. boasts on “Bugani”. Beginning to end the EP is a quality display of what she is capable of. A well blended mix of skill and hunger come alive once again on work from R.A.D., compliments to Frankie Bash.