Ash Riser + His Manager Trolled Us All Yesterday. It Was Entertaining As Hell.

The indie rap internet was set ablaze this past weekend when recording artist Ash Riser and his manager/business partner seemed to have set a trolling precedent for the ages. Over the course of the past 72 hours the back and forth between the two on Twitter led to a leak of songs that initially seemed to be his latest album drop, Howl, but upon further inspection was a gift of free music to tie us over until the highly anticipated album drops on the 8th of August.

Initially, the conversation began with an exchange of tweets between both Ash and his business partner that led his following to believe a real discourse was going on between the two. Fans rallied behind Ash’s soulful rock theme, while his business partner seemingly had been left in the dark. Chaos and confusion seemed to be the common theme in everyone's head, but nonetheless, Twitter was on fire.

As the conversation continued, artists like Trizz and Tayf3rd rallied behind the artist to express their ideas on the debate.

The culmination of confusion ended when the business partner of Riser purportedly leaked the EP right before fans eyes. After quickly looking into the matter, it was evident that Riser and his partner has been masterfully trolling both fans and team members alike. The good news? Riser dropped new tracks to satisfy the fans hunger for the Rock fueled rampage Riser is about to go on. Listen below:

Oddly enough, within the tracks released, there was one that was quickly taken down titled, ‘Furoche’, that left his fans in a frenzy to see if the artist might be releasing a dedication track to the late DJ Furoche, who died in a tragic biking accident in NY a few years back.

Whatever comes next, Ash Riser made some smart moves this week to catch major attention from his fan-base and artists alike, and we’re all tuned in for more in anticipation of Howl.