Michael Brandxn - Inner Peace (feat. Ringo Maestro) (Music Video)

In this current day and age, nothing is more self-evident than the need for individual “Inner Peace.”

This piece by Michael Brandxn was inspired by the most important women in his life, as an ode for them to feel empowered and appreciated. The digital era we live in often leaves women feeling like they need daily validation, but the essence of the song is true acceptance, for the beauty inside and out that they already encompass. And once they realize it, they’ll find their inner peace, and it’ll radiate inside of them until everyone else can feel it.

The instrumentation for this track is reminiscent of the West Coast sunshine, but his conscious and polished delivery juxtaposes the sound nicely. Produced by Ringo Maestro, he even jumped onto the chorus to vibe with the R&B/Soul influence that is strongly evident in Michael Brandxn’s sound. To Michael Brandxn, it’s just as important for people to vibe with his energy as much as his message. “Inner Peace” is a perfect analogy for that.