OK-THO PREMIERE: ZIGGY ft C Plus - "Never Change" (Music Video)

Outsiders have long defined California hip-hop based on L.A.'s biggest stars, but there's a lot more to West Coast rap sonically and culturally than Death Row and greater Los Angeles. Back with another hot single in the C Plus supported "Never Change," San Jose's ZIGGY proves yet again that he's a master at drawing from all of the West Coast's varied hip-hop heritage, and may just be the artist destined to put his city's name in the California rap canon.

Laced with a catchy laid-back hook over DJ Fresh production. "Never Change" touches on ZIGGY's recent successes and shouts out some fellow 408 creatives while showcasing his smooth and versatile west-coast flow. If you've been sleeping on ZIGGY despite his bustling year, "Never Change" is a great introduction to the south Bay Area based artist, and will leave new listeners and seasoned fans alike hitting the repeat button and hungry for what's next from the upcoming rapper. 

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