» » » » » » » » » » » » SkyBlew narrates the beautiful 'Dreams of Autumn Kismet' (prod. A June & J Beat)

Godsend emcee SkyBlew returns in his twenty-first album of amazing material in just eight years of releasing projects, this time in collaboration with producers A June & J Beat. This meld of talented artistry called Dreams of Autumn Kismet combines positivity, love and the wisdom of new-age young adulthood from SkyBlew with cool soulful music from A June & J Beat. Not only that, clever wordplay of metaphors and more from Mr. Paint The Sky-y-y-y Blew himself then allow these dreams to cruise to blissful perfection easily. A fresh partnership and a fresh album of gorgeous jazz rap for 2018 and beyond, the sweet Dreams of Autumn Kismet are guaranteed to linger on in the memory long after they have passed.

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