Things We Have Learned From Freddie Gibbs' Latest Album

At the tender age of 36, Freddie Gibbs still knows no boundaries. His pen has gone to ends that others can't, his voice has been explosive and at other times lulled and melodic, and his merit has always been as solid as a rock. On his latest LP Freddie, an ode to the seductive soulman Teddy Prendergrass, the ESGN foreman snaps on 10 tracks, seemingly without taking a breath anywhere in between.

There are a couple of facets we can take home after hearing this album. One of which is that Gibbs is far from done. Nearly a decade removed from The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs, the heart of Gary still sounds hungry, like he has a lot of ideas churning upstairs. Tracks like "Toe Tag" sound updated, fit for 2018, but come from a Freddie Gibbs who sacrificed none of his redeeming qualities to do so.

This parlays nicely into the idea that Gangster Gibbs can steal the spotlight from the youngins' at any time. In fact, you just simply forget that he isn't one of the youngins'. With a swirl of new releases from up and comers just about every week, it was fun to see everybody drop what they were doing to pay homage to what Gibbs did on Freddie

One more thing we learned on Freddie-- 03 Greedo needs to find a way to slink out of his upcoming sentence. The crushing news came out from the rapper himself that he would be facing some years, but he has made a point to leave it all on the table before he goes. On "Death Row", maybe the best song on the whole LP, the Wolf Of Grape Street reaches in an grabs his inner Eazy-E while sharing the track with Gibbs. It goes off.

Be sure to show some love and get a copy of Freddie.