Tieran: "Side To Side" [Music Video]

The life of an artist has always been romanticized & glamorized, however Columbus hip-hop artist Tieran decides to take a more realistic approach to the grind in his latest music video “Side To Side”. Directed by Koishik Ahmmad, “Side To Side” has our hero struggling with the responsibilities of the 9 to 5 adult while chasing a music career. The track addresses the amount of stress that comes along with pursuing said music career and simultaneously trying to keep yourself together. Tieran uses the club as an escape, only to find that it too is filled with loneliness just like the artistic grind he’s been on.

The soundscape produced by sLeh enters a darker and slower pace as the track comes to a close. Tieran finds himself losing control, both in the club and in his journey through the music industry. Our troubled hero vents the last bit of his frustrations to us in the closing seconds as the video comes to an abrupt end.

“Side by Side” is the standout track from Tieran’s EP “Never Had A Choice” which came out during the summer of last year. Tieran has shared the stage with a number of acts including Pouya, Shakewell, Ramirez & more and has been featured in the likes of 2DopeBoyz, Fly Paper Magazine and other platforms.

You can stream Tieran’s “Never Had A Choice” below.