Interview With DJ Nick: Talking Coming Up in Baltimore, Dos and Don'ts For Mixtape DJs, and More

Back about 20 some-odd years ago, hip-hop's most loyal patrons were relying on DJs like DJ Clue and DJ Envy to provide them with the hottest takes from the week. They strung together what was a more original meaning to the word mixtape, a compilation of songs from different artists, 'best of' certain artists or labels, and other thematically sound playlists that usually came in the form of a cassette tape. The art has become somewhat lost, but Baltimore's DJ Nick has been doing his part for the better part of the last decade to keep the tradition alive. Working along with crews like A$AP and their subset Marino Gang, DJ Nick has been able to establish himself as a premier host in the mixtape circuit. We were fortunate enough to have him dive into his past and what made him the artist he is today, as well as what else is to come.

Be sure to check out the interview below, as well as the number of DJ Nick hosted and directed tapes like The Big Payback series and more.