Interview With Radamiz: Talking Signing Deals, Careers in Artistry, Working With V Don and More (Video)

Radamiz, a dynamic rapper from Bed-Stuy with an unmistakeable style, sat down with us to discuss some of what made him the artist he is today. From signing to labels to working with producers like the talented V Don, Radamiz chimes in on a handful of topics while being thorough and personable. What makes him so enjoyable is his ability narrate the gritty tribulations of a kid from his neighborhood in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, while also coming off as a true and tested working man. He continues to perfect an unorthodox art form while still representing, and existing as, the community figure who rides the subway, calluses his hands, and goes to work with the rest of them.

Tune into the full interview below.