David Twist - SCELESTIC (Single Audio)

I think you will enjoy my music because of my sound and influences. I am young, so my voice hasn't completely developed. This is a cool sound that hip-hop doesn't hear much of anymore.

As well as my voice, my influences in hip-hop perfect my old school boom bap/jazz rap sound. I have studied the greats such as A Tribe Called Quest, Big L, MF DOOM, Nas, and many, many more.

I write all of my lyrics, produce all of my beats (except the remixes of course), mix and master all of my songs with quality, market my music myself, direct and edit music videos, design my artwork, and SO much more.

It is my goal as an artist to prove to the old heads that hip-hop is still living with the younger generations, as well as it is my opportunity to save the culture that you all know and love.

I just released a single on August 18, and I think you will absolutely love it!

If you could please take a minute or two out of your day to hear some quality hip-hop, I would greatly appreciate it.

- David Twist 

Song Credits:
Writer - Nathan Delgallego
Producer - David Twist
DJ Scratches - DJ Redlite
Recording Engineer - David Twist
Mixing Engineer - David Twist
Mastering Engineer - David Twist
Music Video Credits:
Director - David Twist
Editor - David Twist
Camera Operator - SofĂ­a Rodriguez
Other - Brooklin Latimer, Nick Wagner
Other Credits:
Marketing - David Twist
Instagram - instagram.com/davidxtwist
Twitter - twitter.com/fuckdavidtwist
David Twist (Artist) Email - davidxtwist@gmail.com
Awoken Age (Label) Email - awokenage@gmail.com