Listen to A$ap Ant & A$ap Rocky Spray on "Mario Cart"

Fresh off of his most recent project, Little Black Jean Jacket, A$ap Ant makes it evident that he still has some gold stashed in the vault. Although he tags in some star power in Rocky for the second verse, the track feels like a light flex, an appetizer of sorts. All of which makes sense, as it is a freestyle from the 3rd installment of the AWGE DVD series--a sort of diary/documentation of everything that is a hidden gem or was left on the cutting room floor. "Mario Cart" still bangs nonetheless. The two boogie on the production from the talented AR and Frans, two frequent collaborators with the A$ap Mob. The track comes equipped with the classic tags and drops from DJ Nick. Getting what is essentially an A$ap cut front to back is nothing short of satisfying for the ride or die fans out there.

Stream the track below.