YGTUT Heats it Up with 6 Track EP "Save It"

The voice of Chattanooga recently premiered his 6 track EP, Save It, a brief insight to the rapper's creative mind. He also seems to be the heart and soul of Chattanooga, a city still yearning for an identity in this genre of music. YGTUT is progressive in that regard. He is fundamentally sound, yet experimental. He is tight and on cue, yet runs at his own pace. He has an exciting volume of potential, but is still shaping into what he has yet to become.

The tape comes together as a solo act, with the exception of production in which is handled by D. Sanders, DJShowMeState, Fatir, Luke Crowder, and Troy Davis. Every track is a conglomerate of samples and chimes, clean drums, and infectious keyboard work. On tracks like "Just Ridin'" YGTUT vibes out on something smooth, and then turns it up a notch on tracks like "Cents". Overall Save It is a fun listen, and a nice welcome for those who have yet to hear YGTUT. 

Stream Save It below.