New York's Milli'0nTunez Releases "Fade Away" (Music Video)

Milli'0nTunez drops a catchy new single with an accompanying visual entitled “Fade Away." Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, The Notorious Big, Do or Die, Twista, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Jay Z were some of his favorite artists to listen to, and in turn, influenced in his music. Tunez wanted to make sure the people understood he comes from a struggle.

He had this to say on the single:
“Im bringing my own style to the game setting my own mark very diversity and melodic. I like for the listener to feel my groove when they hear my music. I know how it is to have absolutely nothin but There’s always a flip side to that coin. Never give up on your dreams always belief in yourself even if its just you. People are going to have doubts but thats only cause your dreams are not their dreams it was meant for you not them so push yourself to the finish line.”

Watch the visual below, and stay tuned for more releases from Milli'0nTunez.