Exclusive Feature: “Cocaine March” by Nico Cartosio

Following the international success of “Snow Above The Earth”, Cartosio is back with another composition
titled “Cocaine March”. Nico Cartosio decided to combine biblical references applied to our modern era,
with classical, contemporary and pop music in order to bring together their audiences as well. Tour de force:
his music video is too classic to be contemporary, too pop to be classical, too contemporary to be pop.
An intermediate position that bristles the radicals of each genres, while charming listeners less eyeing
on orthodoxy. His critics blame his systematic use of rhythmic and melodic patterns and the sentimentality
of his solos in “Cocaine March and “Snow Above The Earth”. His admirers answer "emotion", "contemplation"
and “beauty". The perfect embodiment of mainstream applied to a rising neo-romantic artist, exploring the
theme of depression in his latest music video; “Cocaine March”.

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