Otis Mensah - Mum's House, Philosopher (EP Stream)

“Mum’s House, philosopher” is an ode to the “colours of it all”— the oxymoronic nature of every breathing second on this piece of rock. This school of thought gives voice to the sunken place of sacrifice when we numb our code of ethics to make way for comfort and survival. These sounds are from a place that sees our philosophy depleted of sense, from a time when life feels like a string of contradictory truths, seemingly right in their own lane but, when thrusted together in the tumble dryer of life, seem nonsensical and paradoxical.

Imagine consuming the soul-stirring art painted by an unforgivable moral-monster, experiencing its beauty and how wrong it feels. In the same vein, imagine giving over power to the nurturing caress of Faith that nullifies the voice of nihilism when realism calls for hopelessness because sometimes there’s an alchemy in believing against the odds.

I hope this project brings laughter and contemplation. I hope this project levitates you from the cave of your manifested traumas, even if just for a moment. I hope this project inspires you to seek out the philosophy in the mundane because apathy should never dull technicolor canvases of thought.

I hope this project paints vividly the absurdity in our reality and shows our own capacity to leave colourful trails of contradiction on our path of reason. I hope we can all strive to credit humility — the mighty shadow that darkens the fools gold glimmer of ego.
     - Otis Mensah