Trey Day - "Let Go" (Audio)

Trey Day is a rising hip-hop figure whose prevalence on the Soundcloud platform has earned him
over 1,000 followers, 10,000 likes, and 600,000 song plays. Heavily influenced by new school rap
kings Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Drake, his sound embodies their qualities while also keeping
a unique self-originality in his music. Despite being relatively new to the rap scene, he has now
created over 40 songs, all of his work being independently produced after studying audio
engineering in college. Trey fell in love with creating music at the age of 15 after discovering it as
an outlet to express his emotions and ideas. Currently he is working to finalize his project Dreams
Are Yours, simultaneously serving as an acronym for his stage name. Throughout his increase in
popularity however, Trey has remained humble and cites earning the first dollar from his
music off the song “My Last Message” as his greatest musical accomplishment, appreciating it for
what it is: a solidification as an artist and a transformation from hobby to career.   

“Let Go”, a single posted by Trey on Soundcloud, is a telling song of life experiences and triumphs.
Following an opening that features a few words from an Alan Watt speech (an eastern philosopher),
a popular and melodic sample from thesapientdream’s “Walls” chimes in to introduce the heavy
and deep mood found within the track. Trey follows with a verse of his own that entails lyrics
regarding those suffering from drug addiction as well as the concept that music can serve as a
type of therapy, offering to trade his own emotions up for the comfort of his listeners. A soothing beat
lingers in the background as words from Watt quickly resurface, drowned out by Trey’s second verse.
He covers the struggles of depression, offering a unique perspective from the artist’s standpoint. A
few more phrases sampled from Watt winds down “Let Go”, which is an emotionally packed song
that can resonate with anybody, no matter what their background entails.