TwonDon Impresses With New EP Cheers 2 Us All [New EP]

Quality over quantity rings true when consuming the latest TwonDon project, Cheers 2 Us All. It's a brief showing, closing in at 3 tracks good for 10 minutes, but squeezes everything out of every second it has to offer. TwonDon sets the record straight on the opener "Luxury Tax", a perfect title for the bedazzled, mafioso-like sound. The production comes together beautifully, offering a backdrop of grandeur for Twon to spazz on.

"Get out of character when niggas get to actin' up / Treat the whip like whip like bumper cars, look over when I'm backin' up"

"My Birthday Wish" shares a similar sentiment, both of which gun down the competition one by one via the barrel of a smoking, verbally profound Thompson locked in the hands of the emcee. The entire project reeks of diamond encrusted excellence, champagne and obscure flexes minus the goofy ignorance. "Goodbye Forever" is almost TwonDon's rendition of "Song Cry", but spends times reflecting on the past, pushing feelings aside in the act.

Cheers 2 Us All is an impressive display from TwonDon. He sounds at home and in his element, and as if he came ready with extra rounds of ammunition on hand. It's a thorough listen for its duration, wasting no time on fillers or fluff. TwonDon cuts to the chase, and makes the EP a worthwhile listen. 

Stream Cheers 2 Us All below and find it elsewhere here.