10 Phenomenal Hip-Hop Albums of 2018

You may not recognize any of the projects or artists on this list, but ironically, they are more mentally stimulating than anything you'll find in the mainstream. So, read on to uncover the real goods from 2018.

1. B/aQ Majik 2 - O’hene Savant
    (O’hene Savant Multimedia, Feb. 27, 2018)

The second of O’hene Savant’s dynamic LP-duo of 2018 takes the pair a step further with several appealing genres of music (expertly crafted of course) and more massive lessons and concepts. It and its partner are a perfect union of passion, intellect and music.

    (self-released, June 17, 2018)

Painting 'Til She Dials, which is the second 2018 album by SkyBlew, is a comprehensive set of relaxation, fun, active ambition and intelligence. Production talent comes courtesy of Scottie Royal, SublimeCloud, Sleeping Awake and others. 

3. B/aQ Majik 1 - O’hene Savant 
    (O’hene Savant Multimedia, Feb. 27, 2018)

In the first part of B/aQ Majik, O’hene lays out a broad array of rich powerful music and focuses his intricate lyrical stories and messages on pan-African culture, his childhood and come-up, the music industry and much much more.

4. Dreams of Autumn Kismet - SkyBlew, A June & J Beat
    (Link6, June 12, 2018)

SkyBlew teamed up with South Korean production twosome A June & J Beat for a soulful and sublime treat for the ears, mind and heart. These cohesive Dreams of Autumn Kismet offer the smoothest of vibes and some of the finest pieces of wisdom.

5. Let's Talk About It - IFEEL
    (self-released, Dec. 12, 2018)

Vegan/animal rights rapper IFEEL from Croatia shares heartfelt stories of love for and friendship with the non-human creatures among us, and he makes calls to end our exploitation, abuse and murder of them. Sincere and moving, IFEEL gets you too to feel for all souls, voiceless and speaking.

6. Equal And Opposite - Force Reaction
    (self-released, June 1, 2018)

Emcee Silus Bedlam and producer Bitter Sweetness are Force Reaction and Equal And Opposite is their manifesto of liberation from societal trappings. Silus has conviction and confidence, and Bitter Sweetness lends sounds both serious and cool.

7. Kairos, Pt. 2 - Kristoff Krane
    (Fake Four Inc. and F to I to X, Mar. 2, 2018)

Rapper/musician Kristoff Krane, with over ten years in practice, shows no signs of stopping, especially with Kairos - Part Two, his seventh studio LP. With Graham O'Brien back on the boards for this sequel, Part Two reinforces their camps' heavy alternative fortes, which are Krane's brilliant streams of consciousness and O'Brien's bohemian rhythms.

8. Two-Headed Monster - Blueprint
    (Weightless Recordings, May 22, 2018)

Columbus, Ohio heavyweight Blueprint assembled his best album yet with Two-Headed Monster. He shares mature guidance, brings along close friends and sharpens his production skills, making for truly classic hip-hop/rap, fully grown up and accessible at any time.

    (Black Book International and SoSouth, Apr. 20, 2018)

South Park Coalition founder K-Rino amazes heads once again with advanced lyrical wizardry in Mightier Than The Sword, his thirty-fourth LP. As usual, K teaches and inspires with brutal honesty from years of experience in the rap game and life.

10. The Encouragement LP - The Encouragement Kid
      (self-released, Sept. 11, 2018)

Gratitude, positivity and of course encouragement hallmark the work of Alberta, Canada's very own rapping Encouragement Kid. His steady easy-going pace proves his confidence and his tone shows sincerity in his very first album, The Encouragement LP.

Honorable Mentions
Text Me Later - Reeflex The Master
Microphone Marley - Rise Rashid
In The Wake of O - Ozay Moore
Blame It On Jay Z - Anoyd
Funk Out The Bag - K-Rino
Fine Print - Invisible Inc.
So Many Feelings - Sho Baraka & Vanessa Hill
Holistic - Hardcore Yogi
The Unidentified - Realistic
Emerald Knights 2 - Bag of Tricks Cat & Mega Ran
Welcome 2 The Revolut1on - Frank Yola
Savant Syndrome - O'hene Savant
AFOIE... - O'hene Savant
Jackson Polack - Kordlyss
Lighty / Ears Apart - Binary Star
...first child - just.chill
The Art of Building & Evolving - Optimistik Money Educatorz
Black Soap - Waahli
Methodical Madness - Kola
Moving Foreward - Sherman Mason
A Breukelen Story - Masta Ace & Marco Polo
Fly Mantra - Xidus Pain
Self Improved - SAP