Miles Nxbxdy Embodies Wrestling With Mental Chaos on Free Bird For the Free World [LP Review]

Peaks and valleys define the nature of Free Bird for the Free World, the most recent project from Miles Nxbxdy. The New Jersey native exercises organic spontaneity, emulating a diary built on thoughts and impulses. The twelve tracks often contrast each other in style and sound like two wrong ends of a magnet, but they all find a way to complete a bigger picture. Some burn hot with high octane energy, while others are somber and reflective.

On "Silicone Valley" Miles teams up with Gnarly Nonsense—a quarter of Offtopkills—for a banger laced with alienish synths and record scratches, making for one of the most exciting moments on the project. "Young Sambo" turns into something more alternative with more time for thought and a chance to take in the psychedelic strings and melodies. Every track dips its toes into something different, some sounding like a little bit of Cudi while others a bit closer to Death Grips. Overall, Free Bird for the Free World is honest and an authentic insight to who Miles Nxbxdy is as an artist. The ceiling is high. The hard part of letting loose is out of the way.

Don't sleep on the project. Take a listen below.