909 Memphis Links Up With Nick Prosper For "Impulsive" [New Single]

On a sullen but catchy guitar sample produced by Boy Floss, 909 Memphis hums an honest tune of mixed emotions. The artist, whose discography runs more like an open journal, is accompanied by Nick Prosper. The two exercise great chemistry on what feels like a contemporary offspring of Alice in Chains or Interpol. There is a lot to dissect for such a short track, making it harder to keep of off repeat.

909 was courteous enough to transcribe the lyrics as well. Listen to the track below.

I'm impulsive, I'm sorry :(
I know I'm impulsive, I'm sorry.
I aint mean to hurt you baby but you know that dis not sorry
you know that im all about you even tho i caught you lying
I dont wanna talk about it baby you can keep on crying
but you know ye its fuk dat bih
i cant care about her anymore
if i keep doing this i might lose control
if she switch then she never loved me before
thats what i get when im fw all these hoes
[Nick Prosper]
You don't know how I feel
Lately, you dont know I feel
they so mad i kept it a real
we so wet jus like a seal
fuck a label fuck a deal.