Abhi The Nomad Runs Rampant on "Flush" [New Single]

In a string of singles, this being the fifth, Abhi the Nomad continues to show off just how dynamic he is as an artist. His concepts subtly dominate while his vocal abilities are second to none. On "Flush" he lends himself to a bassy, high energy, trunk banger of a beat. He shows no mercy, walking all over the production with confidence slipping in nifty references and firestarters like "Devil's tryna milk money out of me that's goat cheese". Abhi the Nomad is an extremely sharp artist with a head full of steam going into 2019.

He had this to say about the track:

"I’ve never delved this deep into a trap-based beat before. I want to start to expand my sonic boundaries in the new year and open myself to new things while also honing in on my style.” 

This is the first of his most recent singles that was not self-produced. Producer 13 handled the beat and made it count. Listen to the track below.