K-Rino Drops Four Albums to Open 2019

The legend K-Rino, Houston-representing headman of the South Park Coalition and longtime advanced conscious emcee, has been prepping and promoting his latest "four piece" drop of albums over the last few month (having made the actual projects in quite a bit more time before that no doubt), but they are finally here and all at once with today, January 25th, 2019 as the official release date.

This occasion is of course reminiscent of K's Big Seven release of 2016 when he shared seven albums also all on one day in that year. What made that achievement even more impressive was that all of those albums were and still are outstanding in breadth, quality and impact. Hopefully you'll find these four new projects just as profound.

Through his music, K-Rino has always given important messages and told remarkable stories in fascinatingly complex wordplay to affective productions, and there is no indication that this round of music will be any different.

iTunes links to the four albums are below. Mind their numerical order. Enjoy...

Lightning Language (album #1)

Then And Now (album #2)

Three Weeks Later (album #3)

The S-Project (album #4)

Find the music on YouTube or through K-Rino's website as well.