Only the best Donks

Oh donks. How you never fail to amaze. I'm speaking from a position with little room to judge, but they feel like white trash. When you look at a donk, your x-ray vision focuses you in on all of the cellophane wrappers from Black and Milds and Newports, Z-Ro cassette tapes (shouts to the legend), and McDouble wax paperings. Some ride more classy for sure, sporting candied upholstery with wood grain wheels and shag carpeting. Those are a class of their own. Only the best donks sport full paint jobs and decals graffitied with Sheen Estevez or Caillou, characters the chairman of the vehicle certainly knows nothing about assuming his or her age. These donks do the heavy lifting of advertising; perusing the backstreets of neighborhoods less traveled. They certify the absolute unit you have to have to show up to a car meet, or a party, or better yet the trap spot with a whip that screams "I eat so much fucking trix yogurt". There may be no better way to get on the road and attract unwanted attention to yourself while passionately sporting something you very well care nothing for.

I do not know if it is the outlandishly large wheels, the flamboyant paint jobs whether simple or busy, or the excessive customization that makes a donk a donk, but the ones pictured below embody my picks for best of the best.

Shrek Donk

Aquafina Donk

Charmin Donk

Go Diego, Go Donk

Long Ass Donk

Campbell's Donk

Newport Donk

Bubbalicious Donk

Tide Donk

Angry Birds Donk