Choosey & Exile Link Up With Aloe Blacc For "Low Low" [Single]

On their first single from the upcoming LP Black Beans, Choosey & Exile recruit Aloe Blacc for a feel good, low-riding cut called "Low Low". When speaking on the project and the themes it will carry Choosey had this to say:
“My biggest influences have been people who spoke from the heart, and what’s most honest about me is my heritage. There’s a stigma that Black and Mexican cultures don’t get along, but I wanted to show the beauty in being a product of both.”
Being Afro-Chicano and everything that comes with it is a lifestyle stressed throughout Choosey's message in his art. The lowrider can be seen as a vehicle—both metaphorically and literally—for the peaks and valleys that the heritage has to offer. The record feels like California sunshine, the brass from Exile's production blaring with pride as his old friend Aloe Blacc croons in an out for the hook. Choosey's verses run their course with ease, etching simple images of playing frisbee, mackin' with ladies, and of course longing for a lowrider. There's not much to complain about on this one.

Check out the track below and don't sleep on the release of Black Beans slated for March 29th.