Interview With Big Zeem Talking Past And Present: Whats New With Grandmilly and Zeroklique, Past History With Raider Klan

Big Zeem aka Father Zeem of Zeroklique aka many other pseudonyms and monikers was nice enough to bless us with some knowledge of his present and past life. Hailing from the Bronx and residing around Hempstead, Zeem has made ends meet all over the map. This includes currently managing Grandmilly and other members of the Zeroklique like DJ Surrup who we also spoke with, as well as administrating a tangled web of personnel that could all be categorized under the umbrella of Raider Klan. Watch the interview below to learn more on just how Zeem got involved with Raider Klan over a decade ago, and what he is up to now.

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