J57: "Anti-Social Media" EP [Album Stream]

J57 of the Brown Bag All-Stars is one of the most prolific and talented artists we have in the game right now. However, I also believe he’s one of the more underrated artists we have. Most know J57 for his extensive and deep producer catalog, but fam, J57 has been ripping verses from the jump. Today I have his brand new EP “Anti-Social Media” which steps away from the emceeing, the have J57 show his talent as a songwriter and artist.

Anti-Social Media” is dark, it’s glitchy, it’s outside of what many consider to be J57’s wheelhouse, but fans of the legend will know that this is another eclectic installment in a discography that has always experimented with different sounds, tones, and feelings. Enough of me though, here’s what J57 had to say about the EP.

"I used this project as a way for me to get my frustrations out; from how accessible I am from social media, to my introverted/extroverted frustrations with life that people can’t seem to understand. I hope this project speaks to people that are like me and that it just plain entertains those that can’t relate. I'm also using this project as a way to distinctly let people know that I'm not just a producer; I'm an artist and that this is definitely not a producer compilation or anything like that."

like that