Sivion: "Fight Club" feat. Andreon (prod by. LucyClubhouse)

As far as I’m concerned Sivion is one of the best emcees in hip-hop. I remember getting his sophomore effort “Spring of the Songbird” back in high school and it changed everything I thought I knew about hip-hop. Fast forward and the DeepSpace5 artist has released multiple projects including 2017’s “Dark Side of the Cocoon” (a release I still plan to review for you guys, because I think it’s one of his most important projects).

The DeepSpace Dallas legend has made his return here in 2019 with “Fight Club” featuring his son Andreon and daughter Lucyclubhouse on the production. First off, I remember hearing young Andreon’s verse on “Mood Enhancement” and his verse here on “Fight Club” absolutely blew me away. Sivion and Andreon call us to battle and to be ready for the numerous challenges guaranteed to be going through our lives at this very second. It’s incredible to see how Sivion’s family has evolved musically, but more impressive how the family as a unit and a team was able to release this fantastic track.

No word on what’s to come for Sivion but make sure you keep it locked here at Ok-Tho for updates.