Sun Zulu - Better Viewz (feat. J3rry Homes) (Single)

I know, I know...'The Paradox of Apathy" was supposed to drop last fall. Unfortunately, life doesn't always work in the way that we plan for it. Every high seems to harmonize with lows that can take you out if you aren't prepared. It's in these times that I've found escape through "Better Viewz" but before you listen, please understand the story behind this song:

The picture itself was taken by a man named Lawrence Burney during the summer of 2012. I had just returned from a trip to Chicago to my hometown of Baltimore and was experiencing what people like to term "cognitive dissonance". For all the good that I had been able to engineer on my own, the bleak reality of life as it is in Bmore was starting to take a toll on my sanity. I knew what I had to do to apply the lessons that I learned on my trip and that began with shedding the "image" of who I used to be.

Ultimately, this is what "Better Viewz" is all about - showing and proving to Self what you claim to be vs. what you really are. Sometimes that takes a change of perspective to accomplish. Peace to the young spitter J3rry Homes and the incredible producer '92 Colby for helping me to express these thoughts on our track. And a special shoutout to the #trueOGseries team for helping to film the video. Please vibe, share & stay tuned for my new album, "The Paradox of Apathy". It's coming, I promise!